‘In 1968 I came home from summer break…

Here I am aged 9 on holiday in South Molton, Devon, affording my parents some much needed respite (Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah). It was a kids residential ‘Summer Camp,  which also involved horse riding nearby. I can remember a few things about it.

The garden was huge and there was a tent underneath a beautiful weeping willow tree. I made friends with one particular boy but his name does escape me. We would go down the high street and I remember there was a hunting shop. They were allowed to sell knives to 9 year olds and so lots of carving of tree branches took place.

Around the corner was a cinema and I think the films featuring were The Greatest Story Ever Told and She. I don’t think we went to see those.

I’m pretty sure I had a good time in Devon but a surprise certainly awaited me when I got home to London, the story of which is the subject of the first single from the EP Blue Dansette.


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